Smart Thermostat

Get rebates up to $100 on ENERGY STAR® certified smart thermostats.

A smart thermostat makes it easy to reduce your energy use, save money, and enjoy comfortable indoor temperatures all year long.

These Wi-Fi enabled devices learn your heating and cooling preferences, and can automatically adjust your home’s temperature based on that information. Many also enable you to control your home’s temperature on the go using a mobile device. Installation is simple, and you can get rebates up to $100 on select models.*

How To Get a Rebate on an ENERGY STAR Certified Smart Thermostat

Look for PSE&G signage on eligible equipment while shopping at participating retailers. You can apply for a rebate in either of the following ways:

  • Instant rebate: Verify your eligibility at and receive an instant rebate coupon you can use in-store at the register when you shop at Lowe’s or The Home Depot, or during online checkout when you shop at Lowe’s or The Home Depot, or on the ecobee website.
  • Post-purchase rebate: You can purchase a qualifying smart thermostat from any retailer and submit a rebate form online. Your rebate claim must be submitted within 120 days of purchase.


  • Wi-Fi includes all thermostats connected to the internet or through a third-party source and found on the ENERGY STAR website.
  • The smart thermostat can be contractor- or self-installed.
  • The model number must be listed on the invoice/receipt or application.
  • The customer must have an active residential PSE&G account. Commercial and multi-family properties are not eligible.
  • Rebate claim must be submitted within 120 days of purchase.
  • Limit two rebates during the lifetime of the account.
  • Refurbished appliances and leased appliances do not qualify. This applies to all rent-to-own appliances, lease-to-own appliances, and appliances in layaway at stores such as Rent-A-Center and Aaron’s. If the receipt shows the terms “lease to own” or “rent to own,” then a balance owed of $0 also must be shown, or the appliance must be paid for (upfront and in full) to qualify for a rebate.
  • The rebate amount cannot exceed the value of the purchase.
  • Equipment purchased from any utility’s online marketplace is not eligible for a rebate.
  • Smart thermostats purchased from The Home Depot, Lowe’s, and/or with a verified instant coupon applied at purchase are not eligible for additional rebates through PSE&G.
  • Instant rebate coupons used in-store or online are only valid in New Jersey.

Additional Information

When you upgrade to a smart thermostat, you can:

  • Control your home’s temperature and track your energy usage with your mobile device.
  • Have your home’s temperature adjusted automatically as your smart thermostat learns your preferences.
  • Save energy and money when you aren’t home.

Note that some older thermostats contain a small amount of mercury. When you upgrade to a smart thermostat, make sure to properly recycle your old thermostat for safe disposal to prevent the release of mercury into the environment. Learn more.


* Upon installation, the smart thermostat must control a system with electric or gas heating and/or central air conditioning. The rebate amount can't exceed the value of the purchase.