Tankless Water Heater

Get rebates up to $500 on qualifying tankless water heaters.

If your water heater is more than 10 years old, it’s time to start planning ahead. Avoid the hassles, stress, and high costs associated with water heater breakdowns by upgrading to a qualifying tankless water heater today!

How To Get a Rebate on a Qualifying Tankless Water Heater

  1. Look for PSE&G "Instant Rebate" signage on eligible equipment while shopping at participating retailers. Verify your eligibility at pseg.com/InstantDiscount and receive an instant rebate coupon you can use at the register or during online checkout.
  2. You can also purchase from any participating retailer and submit a rebate form online. Rebate claims must be submitted within 90 days of purchasing a qualifying tankless water heater.

Why Upgrade To a Qualifying Tankless Water Heater?

  1. You’ll save energy. Qualifying tankless water heaters use about 9% less energy compared to conventional gas tankless water heaters.*
  2. You’ll save money. A typical family of four could save up to $1,800 over the lifetime of the unit compared to standard gas storage models.*
  3. You’ll get a rebate. Select models qualify for rebates up to $500.

Additional Information

Which Tankless Water Heaters Are Eligible for Rebates?

To be eligible for a rebate, the tankless water heater you purchase must have a Uniform Energy Factor (UEF) rating greater than or equal to 0.87.