Save up to $50 on an ENERGY STAR® certified air purifier when you purchase from a participating retailer.

Room air purifiers—also known as "room air cleaners"—are a proven way to improve your indoor air quality significantly.

These portable electric appliances come equipped with filters that can remove fine dust, pollen, and other particles from the air in your home. They can be especially useful if you or someone living with you has asthma or allergies; simply use an air purifier in the rooms where you (or they) spend the most time.

Remember to choose an ENERGY STAR certified model when shopping for air purifiers! You’ll receive an instant $50 discount at checkout when you purchase from a participating retailer, and you’ll keep saving energy and money for years to come.

How To Get a Discount on an Air Purifier

  1. Save on select ENERGY STAR models. Look for the PSE&G sticker at participating retailers near you.

    $50 rebate on select Air purifiers

  2. Shop online at the PSE&G Marketplace.

Additional Information

Why Purchase an ENERGY STAR Certified Air Purifier?

  • An inexpensive way to rid your air of dust and particles that aggravate asthma and allergies.
  • You’ll save energy and money. Qualifying models are 40% more energy efficient than standard models and could save you up to $30 a year or up to $235 during the life of the unit.*
  • You’ll get a discount. Select models qualify for a $50 discount on your purchase price when you shop at a participating retailer.