Washers & Dryers

Get rebates up to $300 on ENERGY STAR® certified washers and dryers.

The average American family washes about 300 loads of laundry every year, and about 80% of homes nationwide have a dryer. Those numbers are what make ENERGY STAR certified appliances such a smart option!

ENERGY STAR certified washers use about 20% less energy and 30% less water than regular washers—and over the lifetime of the product, washers that have earned the ENERGY STAR label can save nearly $550 in energy costs.* Meanwhile, the advanced features of ENERGY STAR certified dryers use 20% less energy than standard models.

How To Get a Rebate on an ENERGY STAR Certified Washer or Dryer

You can purchase a qualifying washer or dryer from any retailer and submit a rebate form online. Your rebate claim must be submitted within 120 days of purchase.

Rebates for ENERGY STAR Certified Washers and Dryers

Here are our current rebates for washers and dryers. You can verify the ENERGY STAR certification for your model here.

ApplianceENERGY STAR CertificationRebate Amount
WasherENERGY STAR Certified$75
WasherENERGY STAR Most Efficient$100
DryerENERGY STAR Certified$200
DryerENERGY STAR Most Efficient$300


  • Customers applying for an electric dryer must have an active PSE&G residential electric account.
  • Customers applying for a gas dryer must have an active PSE&G residential electric, gas, or dual fuel account.
  • Customers applying for a washer must have an active PSE&G residential electric, gas, or dual fuel account.
  • The model number must be listed on the application or invoice. If the model number is not listed on the invoice/receipt, an SKU or item number corresponding to the model number on the store’s website must be available.
  • The customer must have an active residential PSE&G account. Commercial and multi-family properties are not eligible.
  • Rebate claim must be submitted within 120 days of purchase.
  • Refurbished appliances and leased appliances do not qualify. This applies to all rent-to-own appliances, lease-to-own appliances, and appliances in layaway at stores such as Rent-A-Center and Aaron’s. If the receipt shows the terms “lease to own” or “rent to own,” then a balance owed of $0 also must be shown, or the appliance must be paid for (upfront and in full) to qualify for a rebate.
  • The rebate amount cannot exceed the value of the purchase.
  • Equipment purchased from any utility’s online marketplace is not eligible for a rebate.

Tips to Keep Your Washer and Dryer Running at Peak Efficiency

  • Always use high efficiency (HE) detergent.
  • Without overloading your washer, run full loads as often as possible.
  • Wash in cold water whenever you can for maximum energy and cost savings.
  • Allow moisture to evaporate by leaving your washer door ajar for one to two hours after use.
  • If available, choose a high spin speed option to reduce the amount of remaining moisture in your clothes after washing. This makes drying less time-consuming.
  • Rinse your washer once per month. See your owner’s manual for details.
  • Prolong your dryer life by hanging clothes outside or on a drying rack if you can.
  • Clean your dryer's lint filter after every load to improve air circulation.
  • Scrub your dryer’s lint filter regularly if you use dryer sheets.



† energystar.gov